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    1. Please select the language version:中文版 | ENGLISH Hello, welcome enter Sheng metallocene website!
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      Foshan Sheng Mao metal building materials Co., Ltd. is located in Nanhai guanyaozhen citynew village Foshan (Foshan a ring kiln officer Baolu exit 86), traffic is extremely convenient.The company is a professional committed to the aluminum curtain wall productionenterprises. The main production building industry inside and outside wall decorationhyperbolic aluminum veneer, decorative fluorocarbon exterior wall coating aluminum veneer, aluminum punching, carved ceiling, honeycomb panel, processing of aluminum profiles spraying of professional oriented enterprises.

      After years of development and accumulation, the company has a computer numerical control metal advanced production and processing equipment, special equipment is equipped with all kinds of high difficulty of other aluminum hyperbolic, the introduction ofLAN's five generation of automatic spraying equipment and Germany's brand temperaturecombustion pretreatment technology machine and germany. Have service from design,production, installation, sales of one-stop strength. With excellent quality and high quality service to obtain the trust and support of customers.

      The company was founded in early 2006, since the founding of the company adhere to themeritocratic Yin principle, has a large number of outstanding management personnel andmarketing elite, gathered a group of pioneering, innovative designers, companies adhering to the "quality of survival, the credibility of development innovation, casting brand, service for customers" business philosophy. With offices and agents in national each big city, the successful design and created hundreds of projects, businessthroughout the country and Hong Kong, Macao market. Recently completed projects are: Guangzhou Pazhou poly (eleven plots), Guangzhou poly (a block), Shenzhen BaoanDistrict Maternal and child health hospital, Shenzhen the Mixc, Shenzhen Baoan happylibrary, Yulong International Building, Xiamen golden The Bay Hotel, sea control square,Xiamen overseas Chinese world, flower like years, Huadu, Hengyang city Chong Sheng International Center project Kunming, Guang Wei charm city project, Jinli building,Lamborghini Changsha 4S shop, stone fierce guest only in Henan section of XuchangHigh-speed Rail station, Deakin University, Chongqing SM Plaza, Chengdu Qingyang Huafour shopping center etc.. 2013 to participate in the nineteenth session of nationalaluminum curtain wall windows and new product exposition. The company has a computernumerical control metal advanced production and processing equipment, special equipment is equipped with all kinds of high difficulty of hyperbolic shape aluminum curtain wall, introduced Japan gram company automatic spraying equipment Germany's cardtemperature combustion technology pre treatment process machine and germany. Haveservice from design, production, installation, sales of one-stop strength, become a shining pearl in the industry.

      With the ambition and a keen market sense, "Sheng Mao" will continue to open up,innovation, advance with the times, strive for greater development.

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